Our Story

Founded by Karen and Jeff Loo, Asheston Eco Barns are a family run affair. Back in 2003, the Loo family decided to cast their spell over this ancient place and offer a unique and sustainable setting for luxury holidays of all kinds.

Working with local craftsmen, they converted the historic farm buildings to bring life and rejuvenation to this historic place, creating 5 luxury Pembrokeshire cottages.

Both young and old are well catered for at this paradise for families, and care has been taken to ensure access for those with restricted mobility, by providing bedrooms and wet room showers on the ground floors.

Also ideal for groups of friends, outdoor adventure groups, and couples seeking the perfect romantic break, over recent years the eco barns have also become a popular venue for spiritual and corporate retreats.

A real sense of place…
The barns are in a fabulous location, within a mile of the National Park, which stretches from the dark and brooding Preseli Mountains in the north to Tenby in the south, via some of Europe’s best beaches.

And the past envelopes you in this very ancient place. Pembrokeshire is a land with a deep and ever present culture, a ‘land of enchantment and magic,’ as it’s called in the Mabinogion. You’ll still hear Welsh spoken here, one of the world’s oldest languages, and the local countryside is rich in myth and legend.

Luxury cottages with a deep history…
Local farms and landmarks carry names from Arthurian legend, and children have been told tales of Cantre’r Gwaelod, a sunken kingdom lying somewhere off the coast, for countless generations.

Asheston probably takes its name from Asser, a monk in St. Davids who became Bishop of Sherbourne, helping King Alfred codify English Law for the first time. The name Asheston comes from Trefasser, a Welsh name which translates as Asser’s ‘dwelling place’ or ‘settlement’.

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