Ecotourism Tips for guests

Choosing somewhere green to stay is an excellent first step to becoming a responsible traveller. And there are also plenty of other things you can do to be a better tourist, so here are a few of our tips:

At Asheston Eco Barns

  • Save energy by switching off the lights when you’re not using a room.
  • Save energy by being careful not to overfill the kettle – use only as much water as you need.
  • Save energy, water and detergent by re-using towels.
  • We’ll recycle the waste you leave at the eco barns wherever we can, but please help protect the environment by minimising the amount of waste you produce when you’re here – buy local and organic food and drink with as little packaging as possible, reuse bags, etc.

Out and about

  • Recycle your own rubbish saving resources and reducing pollution – there are recycling facilities for cans, glass bottles and jars and newspapers and magazines in local communities including Roch, Solva and St. Davids.
  • Shop locally and buy ethically produced products wherever you can, supporting local shops, farmers and producers. Use reusable or compostable bags wherever possible.
  • Eat and drink local, organic and seasonal and fair trade food and drink –  supporting local communities, the environment and animal welfare.
  • Follow the Countryside Code – there are copies in our guest packs.
  • Respect the community and find out about Pembrokeshire by talking to the locals. Try speaking some Welsh if you get the chance.
  • Cut emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants by travelling on public transport or by bike. If you’ve come by car, you can offset your emissions.