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On Newgale Beach by Niall Griffiths

It drops out of the sky like, what, a rocket, a missile; no sound, or very little, even when it enters the water, so perfectly streamlined is it, just a quick wet 'zip' of sea parted at extreme velocity. It's a stunning sight; a breathtaking experience, to see one so close. I tread water and [...]

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Photos of the Landsker by Philip Clarke – part one

We've always wanted to capture our Landsker landscapes photographically, to give guests a better idea of what to expect from this incredibly special place, which is often missed by visitors rushing their way to better known tourist hotspots. So we searched high and low, and eventually discovered deeply talented Goodwick landscape photographer, Philip Clarke . [...]

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Ready, Steady, Adventure Pembrokeshire!

Award winning journalist, Alf Alderson, gives an overview of the outdoor adventure action available in this part of Pembrokeshire... Just down the road from Asheston Eco Barns is (in my humble opinion) one of the finest instantly accessible beaches in Britain – Newgale. Two miles of golden sands washed by deep blue Atlantic swells with [...]

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Exploring Pembrokeshire’s Landsker Frontier

Author, Niall Griffiths, explores this fascinating part of Pembrokeshire... The Landsker: Has quite a ring, doesn't it? Suggestive, somehow, of sorcery and dragons and druidical goings-on, of slippage between worlds.  In truth, it has a rather more prosaic origin, and comes from the Saxon word for 'frontier', and is used to define the division between [...]

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Strange Happenings and Dastardly Deeds

Brian John introduces us to some local folk tales and legends...  The area around Roch, Brandy Brook, Brawdy and Newgale has its fair share of Pembrokeshire folk tales and legends, featuring strange happenings, peculiar individuals and quirky beliefs. A few years ago I embarked upon the “Pembrokeshire Folk Tales Project” -- designed to gather together local [...]

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